BDSM Full-length films (UPDATE)

Lust-Sklavinnen Teil 1

The depicture of grungy BDSM tales that take place in run-down, rusty, almost abandoned dungeons inside industrial complexes that house a myriad of masters and slaves. All of which have appetites – for pain … and each other. Come and see how these masters occupy their time, and their submissives bodies, whether it is whips, straps, or their cocks!

File Size : 802 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 01:34:59

AAA Bondage Co Volume 9

Stars: Maria, Anastasia Pierce, Amber Wild, Kayla Kiss

Amber is robbed, bound and cleave gagged. Amber is kidnapped from home. She is held at an unknown location to be trained as a slave. She is exposed, collared and ball gagged. Watch her struggle for you.

Amber is hogtied and cleave gagged for your viewing pleasure. Amber wants to get a good night’s sleep so she asks to be tied spread on a bed and gagged with a bit.

Amber is a kidnapped hitchhiker. She is taken to a warehouse where she is tied, exposed and molested by her abductor who also decides that he would like a few photos for himself.

Maria is bound in a hair and cleave gagged. Maria is held captive while waiting for her husband to pay a ransom demand on her. Maria is fastened with cuffs in a web, spread eagle and gagged with a bit.

Anastasia Pierce
Anastasia is struggling and drooling for all of you to enjoy. Anastasia is bound hanging from the ceiling and drooling around a huge ball gag. Anastasia is tied in a frog position and gagged with an even larger ball gag. Watch her sensuous struggle.

Kayla Kiss
Kayla’s first bondage experience is in this first part. Kayla is bound spread on the bed and gagged by her husband because he is tired of her being on the cell phone all the time. Kayla’s first hogtie. Kayla asks to be tied up after an evening out. She is bound to a stool and gagged with a ball.

Resolution: 640 x 480
Time: 00:59:41
Size: 527 MB

The Satine Experience

Stars: Satine Phoenix, Master Ronnie Rock, Master Warlock

Ahh Satine. Sweet succulent submissive Satine. Come gaze upon her stunning beauty and her abject obedience as she is taken through the stern and forceful teachings of Master Warlock and master Ronnie Rock.

Suspended, Flogged, Spanked, Whipped and put into Stocks, Satine is taught the true meaning of discipline, her pussy and ass the canvas on which the lesson plan is drawn!

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:15:00
Size: 698 MB



Stars: Andreas, Mia Magic, Sydney Dark

“Underground – Sydney Dark prasentiert ihr neues Spielzeug Mia. Andreas ist ganz begeistert, denn diese ist nach seinem Geschmack: Jung, Knackig und Unschuldig. Sie wird von ihm ordentlich erniedrigt und gefickt. Auch Sydney nimmt sich von Andreas was sie braucht. Dann zeigt Mia auf beeindruckende Weise, wie auch Frauen abspritzen konnen – wenn Mann es ihnen nur gut genug besorgt.Die Nachricht des Meisters – Die Sklavin Dea bebt vor Erregung, als sie die Nachricht ihres Meisters liest. Das Spiel kann beginnen. Sie muss sich selber mit dem Saugnapfdildo ficken und als es zum Kerzenwachsinferno kommt, kann sie einfach nicht genug bekommen. Der Meister ist zufrieden!”

“Underground – Sydney Dark presents his new toy Mia. Andreas is entirely enthused, for she is after its taste: Young, Spicy and innocently, he orders her chained body lowered and fucked. Also Sydney takes from Andreas what he needs from her. Then Mia shows, in an impressing manner, that she also likes women – The message of the master – the Slave Dea quakes before excitement when she reads the message of her master. The game can begin. She must fuck herself with the massive dildo and succumbs to the candle wax pandemonium. Can she not get enough? The master is satisfied!”

Resolution: 480 x 360
Time: 01:27:06
Size: 815 MB

Discipline In Russia Volume #34 Outrage in St. Petersburg

The Dresden Diary 22 Ernest Greene, Bizarre Production


Mia Smiles, Chandler, Chloe, John Decker, Deva Station, Cleo Nicole, Ernest Green, Ryan Moore, Ilsa Strix

The Dresden Diary series is the ultimate in bondage and domination. Join Chloe as she shares the daily rituals and punishments she and others encountered during her days of slave training. There is lots of tit tease and spanking, to name a few. Do not take your eyes away from this until they are finished with their lessons.


The Dresden Diary 23

Mia Smiles, Chandler, Chloe, John Decker, Deva Station, Cleo Nicole, Ryan Moore, Ilsa Strix

A bondage movie of this intensity doesn't come along everyday...don't miss it! Sex slaves ass whipped until their cheeks turn red! Subjected to pleasure pain from nipple suction toys, breast clips & a metal bondage collar. Watch these slaves moan, groan & beg for more erotic bondage punishment! Lots of leather fetish & sex toys!

Level 8 – Spermaschweine

Sperm Pigs. Whenever Baronessa di Rivera and Miss Emelie are having a tour through the forest of Brandenburg, they are making sure that their divine feet won’t get worn out: Three slaves are having the honor of being used to drive the handcar with their Mistresses inside. These ungrateful creatures are using a break to escape, but just to find themselves bound to the trees just a few minutes later. They now deserve a severe whipping that is giving them bruises all over their asses. They get literally used as pigs…

File Size : 800 Mb
Resolution : 720 x 404
Duration : 00:56:54

German Amateur Dominas

Stars: Nadia, Mistress Ingeborg, Christian (M), Andreas (M), Mistress Edith, Prisca, Thom, Mistress Nicole, Fabiola, Mistress Camilla

This is 100% pure European domination. This is the first installment of “German Amateur Dominas”. The German Tour continues as we find more Amateurs living out their deepest fantasies in dark, scary places… This edition includes pony-riding, spanking, bondage and a near-death experience! Let the adventures begin with the Dominas are in control of the man and woman. In the last scene its female domination over another female with Mistress Camilla and Prisca. Five scenes the pure Fetish Dominatrix.

File Size : 702 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 428
Duration : 01:20:12


Pretty Tied Up

Stars: Alison Parish, Rick Masters

In pretty tied up, beautiful blonde Alison Parish stars as a frustrated and very kinky bachelorette who likes to fantasize about being a damsel in distress. While taking a hot shower, Alison’s soapy hands find pleasure between her legs as she fantasizes about a bikini clad backyard bondage session. Strung up on her fence by a cruel peeping tom, she is subjected to a sadistic soaking with her own garden hose. As the powerful stream is directed at her most tender parts, Alison is over whelmed with humiliation and pleasure. If that weren’t enough her fantasy captor uses the hose to administer a high-powered enema on the squirming girl. She is then dragged around the muddy ground in dazed terror. After her randy shower fantasy, Alison retires to bed. As she drifts off to sleep her mind is again filled with horny thoughts of subjugation. She begins to dream of having a dangerous encounter in her garage with a horny fantasy goon. Strung up from the rafters, Alison’s succulent body is trussed tightly for punishment and pain. To increase her stimulation, her fiendish captor covers her nipples and mound with clothespins while she endures a serious lashing. As she whimpers and grunts through the ball gag in her mouth, her exposed pussy glistens with moisture. As her dreams become even more bizarre, Alison begins to rub her nipples and moist slit during fitful sleep. She dreams of bring slowly stripped and probed by a perverse masked attacker in her laundry room. Muffled by a rag stuffed and taped in her mouth, horny Alison is choke roped them entombed in plastic wrap. Her warped captor then cuts out holes in the plastic to access her particulars. Her humiliation is complete as he takes photos of her for his buddies. Finally Alison wakes from her naughty dream covered in sweat and wet between the legs. Realizing it was all just a freaky dream, she laughs at her own silly desires. But as she gets dressed for work, things take a strange twist. Her fantasy attacker suddenly appears right in her bedroom! Panicking, she tries to escape but eventually finds herself pinned to the bed. Gagged with a torn bed sheet, Alison gets hogtied then tied spread eagle d to the bed. She is helpless as he r sweet body is used completely by the ruthless thug. Is this jest a dream turned nightmare, or could it be real. Find out when you see the intense conclusion of Pretty Tied Up.

File Size : 459 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:49:00

Eurogasm 2

Stars: Wenona, Karinne

1. Toned and flexible Wenona does a full split on a large dildo, arms are pulled in a high strappado. The dildo hums and the wand brings Wenona to a pair of hard orgasms. 2. Chains hold Wenona bent over, head between her knees. I take her to the brink of orgasms time after time, alternating between the wand and dildo. Wenona begs to cum. I deny her at first. She begs so sexy. 3. Wenona's toned leg is stretched up to her wrists. Nipples clipped, clamps tied with string, threaded thru a pulley and weighted. I make Wenona scream using a dildo on a pole and the wand. 4. Karinne brings a vibrating egg for her ass and a vibe to fill her pussy. Tied wrist to ankle, Karinne is exposed. The vibes are crotchroped in. Ropes thru hooks to the crotchrope keeps her spread and open for me to spank her milky white ass. The wand makes Karinne scream!

File Size : 703 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:17:31


Angel’s Grosses Leiden

Stars: Angel

Angel’s been a bad girl and it’s time she gets punished! Watch as she’s tied up, whipped, nipple tortured and more! She’s one naughty girl and this Master is going to set her right! Watch as she’s left tied up and helpless while he does his handiwork!

File Size : 553 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 00:58:41

In Their Nature

Stars: Joseph Marx, Jon O'Brien, Bridgette Bayonne

She didn't know that perversion was...In Their Nature. This is the brutal story of a Psycho father (Joseph Marx) and adult son (Jon O'Brien) who drug, bind, gag and torture the son's pretty 18-year-old girlfriend Suzy (Bridgette Bayonne). After she refuses his clumsy sexual advances, dad offers Suzy a nightcap, which is laced with a drug cocktail. Soon poor Suzy is retching and convulsing, finally collapsing into a spittle smeared body into a back bedroom for further inspection. It soon becomes clear this isn't their first victim. Suzy is stripped, then subjected to a bound and gagged shower "cleansing", a double assault while taped hand and foot to a broom stick, copious hot waxing, a welt filled belt beating and a nipple twisting tit torture session with a rusty pair of pliers. Will poor Suzy escape the evil grasp of this father and son tag team of sickos? Find out when you see In Their Nature!

File Size : 619 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:06:00


Broken In Right

Stars: Sheena, Jerzi

Jerzi and Sheena get Broken In Right. In separate scenes, they are both tied. The first damsel in distress, a brunette, is restrained, collared and lucky enough to have heavy duty nipple clamps placed upon her delicate breasts.

Our blonde is left on the bed to struggle her way out of the rope. Once her blind fold is removed, a ball gag is placed in her mouth until it is time for the spreader bar. Her legs are spread, her wrists are bound and a riding crop is used to taunt her. Jerzi and Sheena are disciplined and ready for more.

File Size : 894 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:37:07

Outdoor Ponygirls & Naked Slavegirls

Stars: Lily, Ivy Breann, Sybil Hawthorne, Ivy Thornton, Geitia LeVamp

Sybil Hawthorne & Lily, naked but for pony harnesses, in public on the streets of San Francisco.

Ivy Thornton is harnessed to a plow and a cart to work naked on a dusty ranch.

Lily, at the ranch, and Ivy Breann, on location overlooking Glen Canyon both work shackled and naked at moving and stacking rocks.

Geitia LeVamp also works naked in another desert location pulling a loaded sled (by a rope through her naked pussy) barefoot over rough rocks. Then she is tied to an overhanging tree branch and whipped.

File Size : 1.12 Gb
Resolution : 720 x 480
Duration : 01:21:45

Painful Predicaments 3

Stars: Lily, Lillith, Sybil Hawthorne, Geitia LeVamp
Released: 2011

Lovely Lily is introduced in a stripper-style schoolgirl outfit and given a sound spanking before she demonstrates her blowjob skills. Later, she is bound in rope, gagged with a ring gag, forced to stand on her toes and soundly whipped on ass, tits and pussy.

Sexy Lillith is shackled with her wrists overhead and forced to choose between several unpleasant options with no relief in any of them. Heavy weights pull at her nipples, pussy lips, and nose ring. She can step forward to rest her nipple and nose weights on a stool, but only if she stands barefoot on painful spikes and pulls the pussy weights off their support to stretch her labia. A metal mouth spreader adds humiliating drool to her ordeal. Later, she must deal with a spiked stool and then is canned with a raw egged in her mouth until she breaks it. Bound in rope and tied bent over with her mouth at cock level she gives a blowjob.

Shapely Geitia is bound in a metal cage while a fucking machine violates her from the rear.

Busty Beauty Sybil Hawthorne is whipped while painfully straddling a beam turned so that it’s sharp edge cuts into her bare pussy. Large rubber bands squeeze her tits while drool seeps from her ring gag. Finally, metal teethed alligator clips are painfully attached to her already tenderized nipples. In another scene, Sybil is spread eagle standing and gagged with an extra large ball gag. Pulled up to stand on tip-toe, she is whipped with a single tail and then canned.

File Size : 715 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 404
Duration : 01:26:52


Bound & Gagged Damsels 3

Stars: Samantha Grace, Natasha Flade, Connie Sims, Carly Erin, Danielle Trixie, Chloe Night, Daya De La Rosa

This DVD has a cornucopia of damsel and bondage action! You’ll see hand-gagging – full nudity – onscreen binding and gagging – stripping – groping – plots – and sizzling hot damsels captured in the tight bonds of a rope that keeps them powerless and sure to arouse.

File Size : 699 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:16:55

Elbow Bound Bitches

Stars: Jewell Marceau, Erika Kole, Madison Young, Natali Demore, Kelly Wells, Smoking Mary Jane

I tie them up so their elbows are touching. They are so helpless that way! When I have them like this I cant do anything I want to them! Sometimes I force them to cum for my own amusement using vibrators, dildos or what ever I have lying around. You are going to love these Elbow Bound Bitches.

File Size : 686 Mb
Resolution : 480 x 360
Duration : 01:13:32


Bondage Squirters 4

Stars: Madison, Jada Fire, Jamie James, Maxine X, Velvet Skye

Making a long awaited comeback…the Bondage Squirters are back!! Maxine X and four of her slutty friends get together to tie each other up and use fingers, tongues and vibrators to make each other cum so hard…their pussies explode with hot female ejaculate.

Scene one opens with Maxine X and Velvet Skye sharing a drink. When Velvet falls unconscious, she comes round, discovering herself bound and naked. Maxwell tugs and bites on Velvets firm, round breasts before using a red whip on her body. This pain is real – as registered on Velvet’s face – but the torment is only just beginning. Maxine uses a leather whip, then a vibrator, on Velvet’s pussy – which makes a tide of female cum squirt from her cunt.

Maxine goes to town on ebony slut Jada Fire next. Strung between the bedposts, Jada has her chocolate box vibrated into orbit, causing her to gush a load of female ejaculate before enduring the cruel mistress’s firm hand. Jamie is spread-eagled in the dungeon. Maxine promptly breaks in Jamie’s swollen pussy before forcing a large volume of ejaculate to erupt from her pussy lips.

File Size : 855 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 480
Duration : 01:37:57

Nikki Loves Bondage

Stars: Julie Simone, Nikki Sebastian

Released: 2011

Nikki Sebastian loves bondage and Julie Simone loves to tie her up! You’ll see this lovely submissive submit to all the following: cleave gags, leather harness gag, strict elbow ties, nipple clamps, ball gag, hogties, drooling, duct tape bondage, garters & stockings, bare feet, flogging, electrical play, latex, tit torture, full body suspensions, on-screen tying, high heels, and solo struggling.

File Size : 425 Mb
Resolution : 640 x 428
Duration : 01:02:33