SharingMatrix - 30% from sale of PREMIUM + $15 for 1000 downloads

SharingMatrix - 30% from sale of PREMIUM + $15 for 1000 downloads

Our file hosting SharingMatrix gradually becomes a leader in this area in English-speaking segment of the Internet. We achieve the best results step-by-step, carrying out cardinal analysis and making changes in work of file hosting: improvement of interface, hardware upgrade, more active marketing, etc. SharingMatrix is one of the few file hosting companies that pays not only for downloaded files, but also pays 30% from sale of premium access to our file hosting. Our first partners can confirm that SharingMatrix makes payments stably, has well-thought-out marketing policy, and excellent customer support. Read below to know more about terms of use our file hosting.

Minimum payout: $15
We pay weekly: Every Friday from the previous week
Referral program: 10%
Website owners bonuses: 5%
We make payments to: Paypal, ePassporte, Webmoney
Here is the list of countries we will pay for: , USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Russia, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Brazil, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Poland, Cyprus, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Liechtenstein, Kuwait, Qatar, The United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand
! In addition we will pay you [U]30%[/U] value of each PREMIUM account sale and [U]30%[/U] of each rebill made via any of your files, forever.

The main advantage of SharingMatrix file hosting is sale of premium access and gaining your 30%; payment for downloaded files is, so to say, a bonus, though many webmasters earn more for downloads than for sale of premium access (sometimes it happens). Successful partners, who have a lot of traffic (and, consequently, they sale more), can increase their retro-bonus from 30% to 50%. This is the best offer in the sphere of file hosting business: no one, except us, offers 50% from sale of premium access + downloads.

Here is the structure of these great rewards
1 month ($9) - $2.70
3 months    ($25) - $7.50
6 months    ($35) - $10.50
1 year ($55) - $16.50

Compensation for downloads
$5 for 1000 downloads 1-100 Mb files.
$10 for 1000 downloads 101-250 Mb files.
$15 for 1000 downloads 251-400 Mb files.

If you want to earn maximum from one downloaded file, its size should be more than 250 Mb. If you have your own web site, you can get additional 5% from sale of premium access: main thing is that the sale must be done from your web site, blog or forum (no matter who placed the sold file on your web resource).

Our affiliate program is perfect for webmasters, who get used to develop their own projects (films, music, warez, pron, etc.), and for posters, who place their content on third-party web resources.

Functionality of administrator panel is impressive: you can create backup copies of your files in case they were deleted because of abuse; you can compress several files and make a single archive on the file hosting; remote upload and FTP upload on our servers works perfectly. Files with size more than 400 Mb can’t be downloaded for free, only file with smaller size are free for download. So, for example, if the size of your video file is 700 Mb, it would be better to split it into two parts, using an archiver on your computer.

Screens statistics ===>

1. Account statistics
2. Top 20 webmasters (weekly)
3. Detailed statistics

In addition to the above, our affiliate program constantly develops: managers negotiate with owners of many web resources (web sites, forums, etc.) about placement of links to our file hosting; PR campaigns with various bonuses are arranged; customer support is, probably, the best customer support in this area. For everyone interested in cooperation ===>

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